What is a Reach Truck and Do You Need One?

Traversing a forklift through the warehouse without accidentally toppling down a stack of loads is a critical job and narrow aisles make it more critical. While transporting heavy loads through narrow lanes and stacking them up at height may become difficult. Although tall racks are space-efficient, there is always a risk of imbalance and falling. So, what do you do when you have narrow lanes and tall racks - you get a reach truck.

Linde MH is the inventor of Reach Truck, and with over 50 + years of experience, we provide the most technology advanced Reach Truck for your applications. So, A Reach Truck is defined as a machine capable of operating at higher lifts and in narrower aisles than a counter-balanced forklift truck.

They are pretty compact in design occupy lesser area and supports easy manoeuvring across aisles. Reach trucks have two outer legs with a wheel configuration of one wheel per leg to distribute the load weight. The drive wheel is located under the operator’s seating position. The operator sits sideways while operating the machine in order to get a proper view while stacking and loading/unloading operation. Linde MH reach trucks come in sitting and standing variants to suit individual requirements. 

Some properties of Linde Reach Trucks are:

  1. 1. Linde Twin Accelerator Pedal – This feature includes rapid and seamless direction change, responsive deceleration, lesser hand/feet movement and ergonomic foot pedal positioning. The advantages are faster cycle times, fatigue-free efficiency throughout shift, total operator control and thus higher productivity. Note- this feature is not available with 360 degree steering
  2. 2. Linde Single Accelerator Pedal -  Automotive layout, direction switch integrated in armrest for easy functioning, left foot traction interlock pedal, ergonomic foot pedal positioning. The advantages are easy finger-tip direction selection
  3. 3. Hydraulic Control – feature include single or dual axis Linde load control levers, simple ergonomic design, spacious, precision finger-tip load handling, seamless operation
  4. 4.Console protection – impact proof console, curved design, console part is recessed within chassis. These features result in heavy handling uses, all round visibility
  5. 5. Over-head guard – starburst and mesh profiles available, also polycarbonate insert option available for further additional protection. The feature is for clear visibility with maximum protection.
  6. 6. Battery Change – fast change in battery for efficient operations

The Benefits of Linde Reach Trucks

Linde reach trucks are extremely efficient for operating in narrow and high-rack warehouses. Besides their outstanding manoeuvrability, special display and assistance systems support the driver to allow safe and quick handling. For example, they automatically adjust the lift and travel speed or precisely compensate for mast oscillation in certain models. The driver's cabin and the masts are designed to provide optimum all-round visibility. An optional armored glass roof can be fitted to get a view through the roof of the cabin. The Linde Curve Assist driver assistance system automatically adjusts the speed around bends. The dashboard displays showing the load weight and lift height provide the driver with the necessary information to transport and stack loads safely while still ensuring fast work cycles. Automatic lifting actions, such as end position damping or height-dependent travel speed, also improve safety and efficiency. Linde reach trucks are not only operationally top-class, but they are also designed with ergonomic features such as vibration-free chassis and an air-cushioned driver's seat, which adjusts to the driver's weight. Thus, giving the operator a stress-free experience of operating the truck.  In addition, many of the control elements and the seat can be adapted to the driver's individual needs and requirements. The Reach Truck can be used for lower residual capacity applications, lift heights upto 6metres, narrower aisle, higher density storage.

Reach trucks are definitely useful when applied to narrow and tall spaces. If you too are impressed with the prospect of a reach truck, do consider Linde forklift & reach trucks. Linde Material Handling invented Reach Truck product. The Linde brand has been associated with the premium segment of industrial trucks and equipment due to the superior performance, efficiency, and ease in workability at tough conditions. Visit the Linde MHE website https://www.lindemhe.com/  today to learn more!