Seat On vs Stand On Forklifts – Which to Choose When?

People always have the tendency to sit, rather than stand. In most warehouses too, operators choose the seat-on forklift as ideal for their operations. But is it really true? Do they give it thought before deciding on one, or is it just done instinctively?

Here are some tips to help you decide which forklift to order for your business:

Most forklift drivers may find seat-on forklifts more suited to their comfort. So, when the management decide to cater to their comfort and go for the seat-on version, they are a bunch of happy employees. There is general belief that, a happy employee is more hard working and hence more productive. So, maybe companies are knowingly going for seat-on versions because of this reason.

Or again, maybe they are not.

On the other hand, stand-on forklifts have a few advantages of their own too. One of the biggest advantages is visibility. The stand-on version offers complete and full visibility all around regardless of the direction the forklift is travelling. Another advantage of the stand-on model is maneuverability. That is why it is preferable for smaller spaces, closed quarters and sharp corners. Stand on forklifts are preferred for short run operations, where the operators only need to stand for short span of time.

Points to keep in mind while buying the forklift best suited for you:

  • What is your area of business – in what kind of environment will you be using it for?
  • How is the floor of your workplace, even or uneven?
  •  How is the space – is there long distances to be covered?
  • Are there narrow aisles, passages and sharp corners in your work area?
  • How often do you think the operator needs to get on and off the forklift while working?
  • Will the operator need to make short trips or long trips on the forklift
  • Which do YOU think will increase your business productivity, seat-on or stand-on forklifts?
  • For what period of time will the forklift be used?

Unfortunately, when it comes to forklifts you will not get one which is suitable in all circumstances. Not a problem. The nature of your work is the best indicator to help you decide the right one for you.

Take a test drive to understand better:

Forklift manufacturers generally are happy to send their sales representative over to your site to get a first-hand feel of your business, so that they can recommend the right forklift for you. This information can be very valuable for your business in reducing expenses and operational costs.

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