Important Checklist for Buying Pre-owned Forklifts

Used material handling equipment, especially forklifts, is an ideal alternative for small-scale businesses. In the pre-owned equipment market, you can get a diverse variety of forklifts as per requirements. This helps save on the cost of buying a new forklift and may be out of budget. Pre-owned forklifts save you on major buying cost and is available at a lower price. You will easily find second-hand alternatives for equipment like diesel forklift and electric forklift. However, it is better if you assess the requirement at your end before purchasing one. With a wide portfolio from Linde Material Handling, you get a varied range of reliable products suited best to your requirement.

A pre-owned forklift usually comes with a fair share of risks as it might be difficult in getting the maintenance history of the equipment. Therefore, it is imperative that you have a thorough inspection or use it for a day before you finalize the forklift. You should assess parameters on the basis where you evaluate the forklift and eliminate the possible risks beforehand.

Here is a list of check-points for evaluating used forklifts:

  1. Application or usage:

There are different products available for different applications. Movement of palletized and non- palletized material are different. Stacking application and height would define products other than forklifts. Also, handling of material might use an attachment which are specific to handle one type of material. Go through the list of products from Linde Material Handling and the attachments available and discuss in detail which product would best suit the application.

  1. Age of Equipment:

The Age of the equipment is an important parameter. Finding replacement parts might be difficult in terms of aged products. However, enquire about the availability of the parts which are periodically used. Linde product parts are easily available in India and we stock up and keep inventory thus minimizing the availability risk. The forklifts which are quite new may have a higher price, which might not be worth for a pre-owned one.

  1. Components Condition:

This is a critical area where you shall need an expert to inspect all main components for their operation and safety.

Here is a list of components you need to check before purchase;

  • Engine- Have a test run with the forklift. Get a Service personnel of Linde Material Handling or authorised dealer to check all the components working in good condition or not, if not ask for the replacement cost.
  • Battery -If you are inspecting an electric forklift, check that all battery connections are in good condition.
  • Forks – Check for cracks and look for blade alignment.
  • Lift Chains – look for gaps between links.
  • Safety Elements – Ensure that the seatbelt, lights and horn are functioning properly.
  • Mast – Check for smooth operation with load and without load.
  • Tyres – Examine for cracks and tread depth.
  1. Forklift Operation History:

Forklifts are used in various environments because they are robust and sturdy. Hot environments can be detrimental to delicate engine components, whereas humid environments can cause moisture build up and cold environments can cause poor response. However, forklifts from Linde Material handling are known to be used in harsh conditions like, forging industries, where temperatures are extremely hot, cold storage applications where the forklifts are used in low temperatures below zero degrees, products which are used in outdoor applications like waste management; movement of material outdoors, where the products work under atmospheric conditions including rains; products used indoors, etc. Being aware of the past operation ensures that you understand the reliability of the product and see whether your usage would be similar or not.

  1. Total Hours of active use

Forklift’s used hours can be an indicator of the wear and tear it has suffered. This can be easily noted, as most forklifts have an electronic indication of its active hours i.e. the total amount of time for which it has been used so far. Linde forklifts have the option. Application of the equipment has bearing on the equipment life.

Automatic-Diesel-Truck(2.5 - 3.5Ton)

Some general pointers to keep in mind:

  1. Avoid online purchases: Internet deals can be very tempting as they can appear to be quite cheap at face value. However, assess the requirement with the product options available.
  2. Choose a reputed manufacturer: Reputed manufacturers often have a special offering for their pre-owned/refurbished equipment. Linde Material Handling forklifts and equipment are thoroughly inspected by verified technicians and often come with a warranty.
  3. Do research: Do some research on the current forklift price in India, for new models, so that you understand the price difference and then go for the purchase. Contact Linde Material handling India for more information on the product range, the right forklift or equipment.

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