Top Forklift Options to Reduce Maintenance Cost

Reducing downtime, lowering maintenance costs and bringing down cost of ownership are objectives that these factory options are specifically designed to do. The biggest drain on the cost of forklift ownership is having forklifts that aren’t making you money. So it becomes mandatory to reduce the maintenance cost as much as possible. Here are some strategies which you can opt for:

Multi-function display: You can get an idea about the health of your forklift with onboard diagnostics, an oil temperature indicator, maintenance hour meter and a trip meter. Moreover, accidents and abuse can be prevented by adjusting the speed control settings, programming engine auto stop and installing a torque convertor.

Use Hydraulic Accumulator for uneven floors: It absorbs vibration due to uneven warehouse floors and stops it from transfer to the load. Operator comfort is improved, absorbs shocks, reduces shock of loading, boosts the longevity of forklift parts and drastically brings down product damage.

Go for the Pre-cleaner: Reduces the intake of dust to the air cleaner, allowing lift trucks to work longer between services. It indicates the level of dust accumulation and so makes it easy to decide when to go for cleaning.

Using the Radiator Screen: This minimizes the risk of overheating by significant lowering of lint, fibers and workplace dirt in the radiator fans.

Using the Tilt Cylinder Boot: A tilt cylinder boot protects the tilt cylinder rod from damage by dust particles.

Using String Cutters can prevent damage: String Cutters around the front axle stops the debris from wrapping onto the drive axle. This is recommended for applications with debris accumulated on the floor.

Replace worn out tires and wheels: Forklifts have very less suspension. That’s why worn out tires can cause excessive shaking of the mechanical, electrical and hydraulic systems.

Remove tire chunking and flat spotting: A clean warehouse floor, free of debris and scraps save the load wheels. Go for plastic or metal pallets.

Repair damaged floors: Well-maintained floors extend the life of the tires, including mechanical, hydraulic and electrical systems.

Invest in operator safety training: A commitment to safety training for forklift operators can reduce forklift and inventory damage.

Don’t miss scheduled maintenance dates: Servicing forklifts regularly can prevent major parts breakdown that call for expensive repairs.

See that the right forklift is been used for the right application: Keep an eye out on which forklift operators are using for which job could save a lot of hassle. For example, using a Narrow Aisle Reach Truck to run down a ramp or putting pallets into racking using an Orderpicker could be disastrous.

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