Factors Affecting Forklift Pricing

When you set out to buy forklift truck, you’ll realize that even a small one is a big investment. Finding the right forklift for your business requires specialized insight if you expect to find the most productive, cost-effective machine. At Linde, we make it our goal to help customers find the right forklift for the right price by sharing some insights about the factors affecting forklift price in India.

Purchasing a forklift is nothing short of an investment. Understanding ‘where to start’ in buying a new forklift can seem like a complex process. With Linde, you can make sure you receive the best deal on your forklifts. Forklift makes for a significant investment, much like buying any other equipment or machinery for your factory or warehouse. Once you buy, you have invested for at least a few years to come. Hence, you have to consider various factors to ensure you buy the right forklift at the right price.

What does an average forklift cost you

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One thing to keep mindful of while buying a forklift is that your loads may get heavier with time, but your ceiling height won’t practically change. As such, while buying a forklift, keep the future workload in accounts and buy a machine which will meet your expectations. Estimate your average load weight and compare it with your maximum load weight and consider purchasing one which is fit to carry the load. An average midsize forklift truck can cost you anywhere from INR 15 Lacs to 50 Lacs. The price variation is too large but that’s because it easily varies based on your application.

Factors Affecting Forklift Pricing

Some of the major factors that affect the price of the forklift are power type, tires, choices such as battery forklift & diesel forklift, and other safety features. Electric forklifts are costlier at the upfront than the IC engine but are more feasible in the long run considering low maintenance cost. Pneumatic tires in a truck are costlier than the cushion tires. One area where you should not compromise on the cost is the safety features such as an operator restraint device commonly known as the seat belt, a horn, and a backup alarm. Many accidents can be averted by the use of a simple alarm. Some high-end models even come with an automatic sound adjuster to regulate volume according to the ambient noise.

More The Price, More The Features

Price and Features have a simple correlation, they are directly proportional to each other. But that does not mean you have to buy only the most expensive model. It rather means that you have a choice from the least to the best according to your requirements and applications. It is better to consider the long term cost of ownership rather than the upfront price. Alternatively, if your desired features are beyond your expected budget, there is always an option of buying a used forklift. With some compromise on the usage and some benefit on the price, used vehicles can be a good option too.

Additional Forklift Accessories

Just like adding A/C, Power Windows, Seat Cushions and other accessories add to the base price of the commercial vehicles, same goes for buying forklifts too. Some common forklift truck accessories include Single-doubles, Side Shifters, Layer Pickers, Carton Clamps, etc.