Forklift Selection – The most common types of forklifts and what they are used for?

Be it in a warehouse, a construction site or any other business, moving heavy stuff like machinery is an everyday affair. There are a host of Forklift types that is available in the market like – electric forklift, electric stacker, battery forklift etc. But with so many types to choose from, picking up the one that best suits your business and environment may need careful study.

Counterbalance forklifts are best used for material handling:

These types of forklifts have two trucks that counterbalance each other. They are the most common ones used for material handling in indoor warehouses and stores but they can also be used outdoors on stable, even surfaces.

Three-wheel counterbalance forklifts are perfect for narrow aisles:

These have three-wheels while the counterbalance forerunners come with four. These have more maneuverability and are best for confined spaces and narrow site aisles.

Reach truck forklifts for high rise storage pallet racking:

Extended lift height like Stand-up and Double-deep trucks are Reach truck Forklifts with forks mounted on the side of the trucks. They are perfect for wide and long loads that would be tough for other types of forklifts to handle. Stand-up trucks are the more common ones and are mostly used in sites where there is only one load per bay. The forks slide under the pallet to lift and move them. Double-deep trucks come with longer forks so it makes them ideal for sites where multiple pallet loads are stored in each bay as these forks can reach right to the back of the bay.

Side loader forklifts for narrow isles:

There are two main types of side loader forklifts – the enclosed cab used mostly in the outdoors, and a stand-up version that is just right for indoor work.

Telescopic handlers for high lifting:

These forklifts look likes cranes and are often mistaken for them too. They can reach heights and angles that normal forklifts aren’t able to. They also have the added advantage of a single telescopic boom that empowers the trucks making them much more powerful.

Rough terrain forklifts:

They are specially made for terrain that is unstable. These forklifts have a more powerful engine and are generally made for better maneuverability. The calibrated counterbalance at the back prevents overbalancing. As a result, it can be easily operated in mud, snow or ice. Perfect for heavy loads, they can handle 3 tons per load.

Pallet trucks and lift trucks are best for storage facilities and warehouses:

There are many models available, some can move up to 5000lbs, though the main difference is between the lift and pallet trucks. The pallet truck has a limited reach and can move loads at ground level. The lift truck is more complex and can move a palletized load onto a higher a higher level.

You now have a lowdown on different kinds of forklifts. All you need to do is match the forklift with your business and environment. If you’re still wondering about which forklift to go for, please feel free to give us a call on 18008435111 or mail us at