5 Safe Practices to Follow While Operating Forklifts

Forklift is the most commonly used material handling equipment across industries. An electric forklift or diesel forklift becomes the widely used industrial truck in supply chain operations. We, at Linde Material Handling India, take up forklift safety as of the foremost importance. Linde material handling products are high on Safety features and displays “zero accidents” motto, which includes the philosophy of safety.

The Goal: Logistics which avoids 100 percent of accidents. Taking this into consideration, Linde is continuously developing innovations which may enhance the safety features, as well as intelligent assistance systems, training programs, and consulting services. Thus, integrating solutions which help the operators to handle safe intralogistics.

Let’s take a look at basic Safety Practices that help you get started while handling Forklifts.

  1. Forklift Operation License:

Operators who have received certified license and have been trained to operate forklifts should only be eligible to operate one.

  1. Proper Operator Clothing:

All forklift operators should wear appropriate safety apparel, including safety shoes, industrial helmets, and a safety jacket.

  1. Daily inspections:

Operators should carry out inspections of the forklift to ensure optimum usage condition before every operation. Important inspections to perform are:

  • Check operating controls such as brakes, lights, horn, and steering wheel
  • Check mast and overhead guard for damage
  • Examine tyres and fluid levels (hydraulic, brake, engine, fuel, and coolant)
  • Check for water, oil, or radiator leaks
  • Ensure the forks are in good condition (e.g. straight, no cracks, no distortion)
  1. Floor markings:

Make appropriate floor markings in your warehouse to distinguish the operating areas for equipment and walking area. This maintains a safe operation zone, eliminating the possibility of forklifts blocking up the pathways.

  1. 360-degree visibility:

Unlike other forklifts, Linde forklifts display good all-round visibility. This visibility is improved as a result of specially encapsulated lift masts make the trucks safer to use, as does the Linde Protector Frame: a uniquely constructed protective zone to guard the driver against falling loads, consisting of a solid connection between the cab roof and frame.

As a pioneer in forklift design and manufacturing, our products offer the following safety measures;

  • The Linde Safety Pilot: This is a milestone in the development of safety systems. Functioning as an intelligent co-driver, this system displays important parameters. This includes the current load weight or the maximum possible lift height, along with all others. As soon as certain limits are reached, the Linde Safety Pilot actively intervenes and prevents operating errors.
  • Dynamic Mast Control or Linde BlueSpot: Dynamic Mast Control actively compensates for any to-and-fro movements of the mast on a lift truck. This enables forklift drivers to operate precisely and safely even at maximum height and with heavy loads.
  • The Linde Engine Protection System (LEPS): This system prevents serious engine damage by monitoring vital engine parameters such as oil level and oil pressure, warning the driver should the levels get too high. If the driver does not react to the warning, the LEPS limits the truck to creep speed.

Forklifts are of various types and are suited for different applications. To understand what kind of forklift you should get for maximum productivity, you can get in touch with Linde Material Handling India team. We offer entire application study for your requirement. In this, we will conduct a study on your operational needs and warehouse settings, so that we suggest you the right product.

Linde Material Handling, India is one of the leading forklift manufacturers in India. Our product offering process involves connecting with 100+ customer touch points, getting as close to them as possible and understanding their business requirements in the best possible manner. We have a wide product range in all major categories like;

  • Stacking- Electric Forklift, Diesel Forklift and LPG Forklift, Heavy Duty Forklift;
  • Transporting– Pallet Truck, Pallet Stacker, Tow Truck;
  • Storage – Reach Truck;
  • Order Picking – Order Picker, System truck

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