5 benefits of electric powered forklift for your warehouse

Electric forklifts are most popularly used for indoor warehousing applications. With reduced fuel cost and high efficiency, electric forklifts & electric stackers become an optimum choice for a warehouse. Let’s take a look at the details that make electric forklifts the ideal choice for your warehouse. Here are 4 benefits of using an electric forklift. […]

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7 Easy Hacks To Operate A Forklift Safely

Forklifts are the essential components in most of the warehouses and workplaces to lift heavy loads, transport them and stack them to their places. Be it a diesel forklift or an electric one, these highly helpful machines can quickly turn into destructive weapons if used without the right safety measures. As such, there are quite a […]

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Maintenance Tips For Forklift Batteries

This article is intended to help you extend the life of your forklift batteries while enhancing the performance of your forklift. The article aims to educate forklift operators to better manage and maintain an electric battery forklift. FORKLIFT BATTERY CHARGING ESSENTIALS Every battery can work only for a limited cycle. The recommended practice is to […]

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Electric pallet trucks – Ease of warehousing and manufacturing

Pallet trucks or Jacks as they are commonly known, are among the most resourceful and versatile workhorses for any warehouse, manufacturing plants and material handling purposes. They come in a variety of options pertaining to individual needs and capabilities. For low-duty lifting, the most commonly found are the Manual Pallet trucks which function similar to […]

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Top Forklift Options to Reduce Maintenance Cost

Reducing downtime, lowering maintenance costs and bringing down cost of ownership are objectives that these factory options are specifically designed to do. The biggest drain on the cost of forklift ownership is having forklifts that aren’t making you money. So it becomes mandatory to reduce the maintenance cost as much as possible. Here are some […]

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Forklift Rental: Why Renting May Be Right for You?

The last thing you need is a nagging worry about investing in a Forklift or distributors taking you for a ride. This is so because the Forklift price in India could be a concern – an area where many companies or individuals might hesitate to invest in. That is the reason why the presence of […]

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Linde Brings Safety Tips for Forklift Operations This Winter

Winter is here and as per data from OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration), 11% of the total Forklift trucks are involved in accidents every year. Half of these accidents can be avoided if the operators have proper training and the Forklifts go through proper maintenance. At Linde Forklift in India we amalgamated our experience […]

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